Visting Greece


greecelogoGreece is one of the most exciting countries in the world! Greece is exotic, mysterious and filled with natural beauty and historical riches! Our Greece travel experts will help you plan the perfect vacation to meet your specific needs and budget. You can stay for a weekend, stay for a week, a month, or longer! What a fabulous place to visit! It’s full of splendid landscapes, unique folklore, and long history! Greece is mesmerizing with whispered legends and stories of Greek philosophers like Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle! Religion and folklore came to us in the dramas of Sophocles and Euripides and in the epic works of Homer, The Lliad and The Odyssey!

As Westerners, we have been influenced by ancient Greece. Standing among the wonderful temples and statues is staggering and enriching. The ancient ruins, idyllic whitewashed villages and hundreds of islands that dot the Mediterranean and Aegean with endless possibilities to explore both ancient and modern Greece! There are great beaches along with the party atmosphere of Myconos! See the stunning scenery of Santorini! Visit great restaurants! Enjoy great entertainment!

There is room for you! Whether you are planning a convention for 20 or 20,000 or just planning a romantic get-a-way, the right hotel is available from architecturally unique townhouse hotels to small or large luxury hotels, or convention spots…from classic touring to an adventure vacation to sailing or cruising…

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A Wonderful Greek Yachting Vacation

yacht-charter-sailingYachting in Greece is as much the best of an exotic and luxurious vacation as there is.  The islands are beautiful and the waters a delight to sail or yacht whether you put to shore or just enjoy the magnificent setting and atmosphere of the Greek islands.  Whether you are yachting on your own boat or you charter to allow local experts to guide you to the wonders of this delightful part of the world, you will discover a world that is such a delight to take your time and enjoy.

The best time to plan for a yachting trip to Greece is between March and November of the year.  This is the time of year when the temperature is virtually perfect for yachting.  If you wait until mid May to start your vacation, that is when the sea is great for swimming and a lot of other water activities that are a great ways to pass the day.  While it can get a bit warm in the summer months, the breezes along the coast keep you relaxed and comfortable if you dress for it.

They say that the anticipation of a trip is as good as the vacation itself.  So along with planning your wardrobe and what time of year you want to vacation in Greece, you should also think through what you will require onboard your yacht.  This is a perfect charter situation because by bringing an experienced captain and crew from Greece onboard with you, they can guide you to the best of the country.

The length of your stay, the size of your party and the amount of time you will actually be staying onboard will all affect the size of yacht you may wish to charter while in Greece.  If you have chartered a yacht before and spent time on one, you have a good feel for not only how much comfort to prepare for but to what extent you want to be physically involved with the operation of the yacht during the time you are enjoying your vacation.    If you want to do all of the work of operation the yacht, you can take a stab at a bareboat charter.  But at the other end of the scale is a full crew charter where you will enjoy complete luxury and the only decision you might have to make is whether to nap on deck or in your luxury cabin.

If you are going to be enjoying the area for a good amount of time, you might consider a flotilla where your yacht becomes part of a community of yachts all following the same leisurely path through a designated route.  In this kind of situation you may have bareboat yachts, yachts with just skippers or full crew yachts and you can pool the common expertise so everybody enjoys their time in a community setting.  This is also an excellent way to meet people from all over Europe and turn a single yacht vacation into a party.

Be sure you allow plenty of time to really explore Greece.  By working with a local charter company, they can guide you not only on the places you absolutely do not want to miss but on customs and festivals that are going on at the time of year you are there that will make your vacation especially memorable.  One way to get the best of Greece is to schedule a few days before or after your yachting adventure to just take some time in Athens or one of the other wonderful local areas and really soak up a lot of Greek culture, not to mention some fabulous food.  By doing that you will come home relaxed, tanned and with one of the best vacations you ever had behind you in the wonderful Greek islands.

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Cruise Tips and Tricks

5paktravel.net_2Do you want to save money on cruises and travel ?

Get the most out of shore excursions for LESS MONEY.
Learn about hidden PERKS and amenities.
Learn SPANISH to talk to natives at Latin ports of call.
Book an AROUND the WORLD cruise without breaking the bank.

Taking a cruise is a fun and relaxing way to travel. Before booking your cruise figure out what type of atmosphere you are looking for. Are you honeymooning and want some luxury? Do you have children and need around the clock entertainment or do you love a non-stop adult party? This is important as there are many different types of people who cruise; from senior citizens looking for ease and serenity and young adults looking for the booze. Know what climate you want to hang out in and choose the best destination for that weather. The Caribbean isn’t the only type of destination out there. Thousands of people travel to Alaska and the Mediterranean for their vacations. Know your options.

Cruising has grown to be popular at many bustling ports around the world. Some of the most popular cruise destinations are Aruba, Cozumel in Mexico, Alaska, Hawaii and the Greek Islands of the Mediterranean. When traveling to these destinations its imperative that you make the best use of your time. It’s best to start out on exploring an island once the boat docks. Try having breakfast at a local restaurant and search for local activities to get into. A great cruise tip that someone gave me before my first cruise was that “it costs much less to live like the locals for the day versus paying for an expensive shore excursion.” But if you love a good excursion do your research before you go, on local touring companies that take you on the same side trips as the ship but for half the cost if not less.

So why do people like to cruise?

Affordability: With cruises, your room, food, entertainment and extra amenities are bundled into one package price. You can eat all you want and watch as many stage shows as you please without having to come out of pocket each time. The onboard sushi bar is my favorite extra!

An Assortment of on board entertainment: There are stage shows filled with gorgeous show girls and handsome male dancers. Sports activities like basketball, miniature golf, and outdoor track to name a few. Art galleries and art auctions, clubs, contests and live music.

Incredible Cruise Destinations: Who could’ve imagined you could travel to Central America for less than your mortgage or see an ice glacier up close and personal in the Arctic? Don’t forget the amazing opportunity to literally travel the globe without having to go from one airplane to the next and booking multiple flight tickets. Did you know you canlive on a crusie ship too?

Added Bonus:

Traveling to and from the airport can be expensive if your taking your own vehicle to the airport becuase of the ongoing fees for parking. Also arranging a ride from family and friends can be uncomfortable too, especially if your going in a large group. so why not a car or bus service? check out this one if your tx and need a good one,

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Passports and Travel Insurance Needed When Traveling Abroad With Children

300px-LV-pase-3Passports and travel insurance are needed when traveling abroad with children. It is most important to have your paperwork all in order. Many countries insist that all children have their own passport. Even if you are traveling to a country that does not require this, it is a good policy to always have your child’s passport at hand.

In these times of family cruises to the Caribbean and inexpensive family travel packages abroad, you never know what destinations you may be thinking of visiting in the future. A country that does not require separate passports for children today may decide to change it’s policy overnight and it is best to be prepared.
Non-citizen, diplomatic, travel document, and …

A child’s passport cost less than an adult one because they are valid for a shorter period of time. If it has been awhile since you’ve traveled abroad with your child, be sure to check the expiration date on the passport.

It is important to read and comply with all the rules for passport photos. Often with children it may take several tries to get an acceptable passport photo. Be prepared to spend the time to get it right the first time as you don’t want to be held up with passport delays especially if you are applying on a tight schedule.

In addition, both parents must accompany a child under 14 when they are applying for or renewing their passport. You also need to bring proof of a child’s US citizenship, evidence of the child’s relationship to yourself, and your own ID. These rules are in place for the protection of the child against child abduction.

Children can usually be included on your travel insurance policy. The insurer will need their names and ages along with any pre-existing medical problems. Usually children under 2 are in included free and over that age they can be added to your policy at a reduced rate.

Don’t assume everything will be fine when you are on a family vacation. Children still get sick and accidents do happen. Be sure your travel insurance covers costs for an unexpected return home. Make sure that everyone is the family is covered in this event, not only the family member who needs medical care.…

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Consider a Home Exchange Family Vacation

homeexchangeprogramIf you’ve never considered a Home Exchange Vacation with greece family, the thought can be a little daunting.  After all you are letting a family you don’t know live in your home while you live in theirs.  However, when you consider the benefits, you just might be tempted to try it at least once.

Remember that your potential exchange partner is likely to have the same concerns as you do.   Having someone in your home at the same time you are in theirs gives each of you a great incentive to treat the home entrusted to you with respect and care.

As it usually takes several weeks to arrange an exchange, you will be exchanging information, photos, etc. with your exchange partners and generally getting to know them. By the time your exchange takes place you should feel happy that you are leaving your home in good hands.  Some exchangers arrange an overlap so that they have the chance to meet at the beginning of their vacation.

Some of the benefits of a home exchange family vacation include:

  • Obviously the cost of staying in someone’s home will be lower than staying in hotel accommodations and are also much more casual and relaxing.
  • Usually an exchange is arranged between families with children of similar ages.  Therefore you won’t have to travel with so much baggage, (especially if you children are infants and toddlers)
  • Oftentimes you are also able to exchange cars which will save on car rental fees (check with the insurance companies first)
  • If your children are older, once the exchange is finalized, you may find them emailing and IM’ing each other.  By the time family vacation rolls around, they may already have made friends with the other neighborhood kids on Facebook or other social media sites.
  • Home exchanges are interesting because you can slip right into the local lifestyle and see glimpses of how people live, the best local places to eat, get invited to local events that you would never get to see or do as a tourist.
  • If you are someone who worries about leaving an empty home, having someone stay there while you are away will relieve your concerns.
  • If there are pets involved, arrangements are often made for pet care and this can eliminate expensive kennel costs.

If your having an exchange family coming to stay with your, they make sure your home is up to par. If you need to fix a leaky roof, you can search for roofer in arlington tx to get that fixed, so your program with go smooth.

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The Good Life On A Luxury Cruise In The Greek Islands

categ8_right1A luxury cruise is a perfect example of gracious living, complete with around-the-clock service from attentive crew members who are anxious to serve your every need.

The interiors of luxury cruise ships offers a sense of lavishness and comfort, with staterooms featuring true designer touches. Most luxury cruise ships feature large, bright, generously sized rooms with oversize beds, private balconies, a comfortable sofa with matching chairs, a desk, spacious closets and a full length mirror. Most have individually controlled air conditioning thermostats to add to your overall comfort.

Electronic marvels abound on a luxury cruise, including a TV/DVD/VCR, mini-bar, refrigerator, Internet connections, fax machine, and telephones with ship to shore capability. Most also have a built-in safe for your valuables. The bathrooms feature large tubs with shower, complimentary robes, hair dryer, shampoo/conditioner and assorted lotions, which are replenished daily. Daily services include cleaning, fresh towels and robes, replenishing ice cubes, and a turn-down service. Some luxury cruises provide a daily newspaper.

You need not worry about safety features aboard a luxury cruise, as every precaution has been taken to ensure the safety of passengers. Sprinkler systems, lifeboats, and life rafts are supplied in adequate numbers to take care of passengers in case of an emergency. Trained emergency personnel are part of the crew and include firefighters, doctors and nurses. You also dont have to worry about the everyday things at home such as looking for an disposal appliance repair in arlington texas for that leaking disposal, you can sit back and relax on your cruise.

Recreational activities on a luxury cruise may include any or all of the following: sun decks with swimming pools, Jacuzzis, spas, fitness centers and workout rooms, saunas, steam baths, massages, walking/jogging tracks, putting green/driving range, and mini golf courses. Other activities offered on luxury cruises are dancing, shuffleboard, card games, backgammon, and a large variety of restaurants, clubs, showrooms and casinos.…

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Hotels in Greece

greece-alonissos-island-boats-coveHave you ever heard that Greece is considered to be an oasis in the heart of civilization? Would you like to spend your vacation at one of the natural paradises of Greece? Are you interested in making a reservation in order to ensure your stay at the hotel or apartment of your choice in Athens, on Mykonos, Tinos, Santorini, or at any other resort of your choosing?

Aiming at your full-scale satisfaction, as far as the planning and the organization of your holidays are concerned, we are in the extremely pleasant position to welcome you and guide you through the most integrated and up-to-date tourism website, which was designed especially for all of you who are considering the thought of visiting the very promising country of Greece

A rare opportunity to rent or purchase this prominent holiday villa in Greece on the unspoilt Greek island of Alonissos in the Sporades islands. Positioned within two minutes from the beach, this lovely holiday villa offers spectacular views from its hillside plot, yet has privacy and seclusion. Local restaurants, bars and supermarkets in the nearby natural harbourside village of Steni Vala are excellent and are just a stroll along the beach away. There are endless opportunities for wonderful walks, bird watching, snorkelling, sailing or just relaxing and enjoying the natural beauty that is all around which makes it an ideal location for a perfect Greek holiday.

The Greek Island of Alonissos can be reached by flights to the neighbouring island of Skiathos from which there are frequent hydrofoil and ferry links to Alonissos. From the Greek mainland there are similar services from the port of Agios Constantinos (2 hours north east of Athens) or from the northern cities of Volos and Thessaloniki.

The villa is set in a hillside plot above the bay of Glifa which is 12km from the main town and port of Patitiri midway along the east coast of the island between Steni Vala and Kalamakia, both of which are quaint unspoiled waterside settlements with excellent choice of authentic tavernas.

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Santorini Greece Hotel

oia-sunset-297x300The village of Oia, situated at the northern tip of the island of Santorini is world renowned, not only for its characteristic, amphitheatric architecture and its breathtaking view of the volcano, but also for its unique “atmosphere”.

which unites the beauty of the Aegean archipelago, the joy of life in every step, the sun that falls on the steep, imposing rocks, the serene moments at the terraces of the houses…

Oia’s Sunset is a small neighborhood at the center of Oia, Santorini which combines the quietness, the beauty and the traditional architecture of the Cycladic islands, Greece with true hospitality and top quality services.


Oia’s Sunset Services

The blue iron gate and the white steps lead to a luminous yard with chaise-longues, white umbrellas and a big oia-sunset2-300x292swimming pool, an ideal place for relaxing any time during the day (or the night)…

Oia’s Sunset consists of 15 bungalows for 2, 3 or 4 persons, fully equipped with:
● kitchen,
● living room
● bathroom
and specially designed to ensure a comfortable holiday.

Every bungalow has its own sunlit terrace and its “uniqueness” in the land of the sun and the volcano that goes by the name of Santorini.



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Immerse yourself in Greek Islands holidays

DSCF1726When people think of the Greek Islands they imagine glorious white sandy beaches dotted with colorful parasols, high cliffs, charming villages, historically rich cities, white buildings and blue roofs, decadent seafood and warm, calming sunshine, and they couldn’t be more right!

With over 6,000 scenic islands surrounding Greece, it is absolutely no wonder that the Greek Islands are one of the greatest places to visit in Europe. While many of the 227 inhabited islands are busy with tourists, there are still plenty of less traversed islands that retain the natural charm and beauty that first made these islands so popular for holidays.

Each island is unique and since there are so many so close together, experiencing more than one island is easy and fun, especially if you find the best inflatable sup board rental! Take some time to read through our guides to see how each special island group can make your holiday to the Greek Islands your best ever!

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